Ravi Surana
Hyderabad, India
Product Designer
Currently Designing Experience for Leoforce
  • # 7+ years of B2B/B2C product design experience
  • # Running The Infinite Canvas on Instagram
  • # Mentoring aspiring designers
  • # Hail from IIT Kharagpur

Some of my Projects

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Pocket Chef
Brand and UX Design (Cofounder)
Brand and UX Design (Founder)
Brand and App Design
Mobile App Design

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Bryant Umana
Product Designer
@Bandwidth Inc
It was a genuine pleasure working with Bryant at Leoforce. I will always be in awe of his simple and clean designs. Learned a great deal from him.
Ravi has a special talent of bringing out the best in us. And what impresses me most is his motivation and desire to keep improving, growing, and learning. He accepts criticism with a willingness to better himself in any way possible. I have no doubt this passion is what brought him to have such a deep knowledge of UX and product, and while we worked together, he played a significant role in putting people at the forefront of our designs. He is a truly versatile designer, leading any UX task handed to him from research to strategy and execution. There’s so many great things I could say about him. He is a positive force, and one of the most kind and intelligent people I have ever met. Ravi always came through for us! "
Abhinav Kishore
Designer @Salesforce
I worked with Abhinav @JDA Software. He has been one of the few people who mentored me since the beginning.
Driven, focused and hardworking, Ravi has extremely high potential as a UI/ UX designer. His strong background on technology and coding gives him invaluable advantage of understanding the complexity and feasibility of ideas, along with rare capability of supporting designs to execution. I have seen him master tools and techniques for design with self-driven enthusiasm, and his sketches, illustrations and designs stand out in quality. He also keeps himself abreast of news and updates in the design world, and it shows in his UI and mobile app designs, where he uses contemporary patterns and best practices.
Sandip Adhikary
Manager (UX) @DE Shaw
Cofounded PocketChef with this guy. A good friend and a great leader who knows his stuff really well.
Ravi and I worked on PocketChef ever since its inception. His creativity and innovative ideas helped us to shape the minimal viable product. His participation on creating Information Architecture & Task Flow, brainstorming and paper prototyping helped us to conceptualize the user interfaces for MVP. His multidisciplinary knowledge and problem-solving ability was instrumental in developing business from the ground up. He was also participated in branding and visual design related fields. I particularly liked his real life problems solving approach, design solutions and his vision for our product.