I'm Ravi Surana

From graduating in Agricultural and Food Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and starting a professional career as an engineer to building a company from the ground up and eventually finding my calling in design, finally, I have come home. If you don't consider experiences like, the sketches that I submitted to my art teacher in the school and work as a graphic designer in my college literature society, I have 7+ years of experience in crafting design solutions for B/B and B/C products for both enterprises and startups.

Being a bad engineer (coding wasn't my glass of wine, to be honest), a decent product manager, and a very hardworking founder in the past gives me a unique perspective that helps me understand a problem from a bigger lens.

For me, designing is all about telling the right story to the right audience at the right time using the right tools. I strongly believe in the philosophy of having a WHY behind every design decision and crafting a solution for an outcome rather than output.

I am a passionate person (everyone is I guess), who also knows how to get work done when passion takes a back seat. People call me growth junky, because I do not stop learning and thinking about my next side gig. Though I don't claim I know everything in design, I do know that you will never know everything ever and all you can do is utilize your resources wisely.

Overall, it has been a long ride for him from who he was to who I am today.

You can read my full journey here